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The Works

In the present, IHCS is legal representative for several peasant organizations, namely Serikat Petani Indonesia, Aliansi Petani Indonesia, Yayasan Bina Desa and Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria; labor, Serikat Buruh Indonesia; and fisherfolks, Serikat Nelayan Indonesia. IHCS also acts as attorney for political prisoner Aceh and people from three villages of the Amungme tribe in Papua. Meanwhile, in the right to food issue, IHCS builds its capacity as National Rapporteur on the Rights to Food.

In several occasions, IHCS and National Human Rights Institution had worked together in studying and monitoring of the right to food, IHCS also sent delegation in the National Council Special Working Force for Food Security.

In the context of legal reform, IHCS is pushing reform for several Laws, initiating new Laws and doing judicial review in Constitutional Court. In promoting human rights, IHCS with international peasant organization (La via Campesina) is striving for an acknowledgement of peasant rights, from people declaration to be international convention through UN mechanism.

 Some Activities

Legal reform

  • Formulating the draft of peasant rights and striving for its acknowledgment as international convention in the UN with La via Campesina and FIAN International.

  • Legal drafter for national policy on human rights based disaster management

  • Legal drafter for alteration of Law number 7 year 1996 on Food and Law number 31 year 2004 on Fisheries. These Laws are considered not having human rights perspective by ignoring vulnerable groups, especially small and traditional producers. The Laws weights food and fish merely as commodities. In particular with Fishery Law, this Law is allowing foreign ships to exploit national waters. This permission will enlarge the current sea conflicts that frequently happened.

  • Legal drafter for national policy on Agrarian Reform Implementation

  • Judicial Review on Law number 25 year 2007 on Capital Investment

  • Judicial Review on Law number 27 year 2007 on Coastal and Isle Management, meanwhile IHCS has drafted alteration for the Law

Litigation Advocacy

  • Attorney for Amungme tribe, Papuan indigenous people against Freeport McMoran Indonesia Inc, regarding the profit share that the company has promised to Amungmes.

  • Attorney for Pertamina Workers Union Federation and for Total Indonesia Inc. workers regarding the dismissal cases.

  • Attorney for Tengku Ismuhadi regarding the transfer of the GAM (Aceh Liberation Movement) political prisoner.

  • Attorney for peasants in Ujungkulon, Pandeglang regarding the criminalization of peasants by Ujung Kulon National Park Authority; for peasants in Rengas, Ogan Ilir Palembang regarding the criminalization of peasants by State Plantation Company; for peasants in Kediri regarding criminalization of peasants by Bisi Inc., a Charoen Phokphan subsidiary seed company.

Education and Training

IHCS has held paralegal and human rights training for peasants in Bohotokong (Sulawesi Tengah), Batang (Central Java), Cianjur and Sumedang (West Java), Langkat (North Sumatera), Batang Hari (Jambi).

In the training, the peasants and the activists gets information regarding basic of paralegal, legal aid and human rights, basic understanding on right over land, agrarian conflict, land reform, various Laws regarding agrarian resources, peasants right, investigation, monitoring, documentation and reporting, legal and political act, and simulation.

The trainings are meant to equip peasants and activists the proper knowledge on legal process and aspect, and their rights as human, especially because Indonesia has ratified covenant on civil politics and economic, social and cultural rights.


To make knowledge, skill and experiences be learned by others in different places, publishing is a must. Therefore IHCS had published several books and policy paper regarding its works. Printed books are Panduan Pendidikan Paralegal untuk Perjuangan Kaum Tani (Paralegal Education Guidance for Peasant Struggle. In Indonesian), Kekerasan Tak Kunjung Usai; Laporan Pemantaun Konflik Agraria (Neverending violance; Agrarian Conflict Monitoring Report. In Indonesian), Meruntuhkan Tembok Imperialisme; Bunga Rampai Penolakan Undang-Undang Penanaman Modal (Demolishing Imperialism Wall; Chronology of Investment Law Refusal.

While some unprinted publication are policy papers regarding natural resources which are, on Agrarian Conflict, National Agrarian Reform Program, Plantation, Forestry, Water Resources , Fisheries and Sea; policy paper on the fulfillment of the right to food in Indonesia; policy paper on labor in Indonesia; policy paper on plants breeding system; policy papers regarding corporation which are on corporation responsibility towards human rights, and on Freeport and Mining in Indonesia; and policy paper regarding security sector reform.

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